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Brand consistency builds trust—because when a customer knows what to expect from you, you can build a strong relationship with them. Logos, typefaces, and colors are all crucial elements to telling your brand’s visual story. A consistent brand identity creates brand equity, ensuring consumers can identify the brand whenever they see one of its elements.
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Brand consistency builds trust

At Belief Agency, a brand identity project falls into one of three categories: a brand refresh, rebrand, or new identity. For each, we present a logo, typefaces, colors, brand collateral (like business cards and swag), voice and tone standards, and a brand standards guide that governs the use of brand elements across mediums.
Corporate Brand Identity | Seattle | Belief Agency
A complete makeover. For a rebrand, we create new photography styles, illustrations, icons, typeface standards, and, of course, a new logo for an existing company. If your product or company has an identity that’s not tied to what they believe, a rebrand is recommended to align your belief with how your brand is visually represented.
Brand refresh
A few touch-ups. For a brand refresh, we don’t start from scratch. Instead, we update existing elements, which may include things like refining the logo, adding new typefaces, or confirming a color palette. We’ll identify slight tweaks that make the visuals more aesthetically pleasing and consistent across the suite of collateral.
New identity
A brand built from scratch (for a new product, service, or company). A new brand identity starts with a Belief Session, where we help uncover your first and strongest differentiation: the beliefs and values that drive your actions. Then, we establish a wordmark, logo, typefaces, and color palette—as well as a brand guide.

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