The spirit of Ballard never lost its independence

Ballard is one of Seattle’s most iconic neighborhoods (and we’re not just saying that because we’re headquartered here) for many reasons. Some of them are tangible: historic buildings, must-try restaurants, cute coffee shops, murals around every corner. But there’s something else going on here—a thread that stitches all those things together and makes Ballard’s energy feel different.

So, when real estate developer Holland Partner Group came to us for help naming and branding a new multi-story residence on one of Ballard’s most historic corners, the challenge was obvious: How do we establish a modern building as part of a community that so strongly values its history? Our strategy was to find the common thread that runs through Ballard’s past and present.

We started by going back to the beginning. Digging through archives, we learned that Ballard was a fiercely independent fishing village up until 1907, when it was forced to annex to the City of Seattle.
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The story became the foundation for The Ballard Independent—a residence celebrating the authentic spirit of a community that refuses to conform.
“Our branding experience with Belief Agency has been nothing short of impressive, extremely collaborative, and thoroughly enjoyable at every stage. The Belief team guided us expertly through a thoughtful, organized, and creative process, where our teams felt deeply engaged and always encouraged to share our thoughts and feelings every step of the way.

As a result, together we successfully arrived at a brand name and aesthetic that everyone feels incredibly inspired by and proud to represent.”
Amy andrews, marketing manager of holland partner group
Inspired by the old industrial signage that signals Ballard’s maritime roots, we chose typography that felt bold, vintage, and a little imperfect.
“Belief Agency’s imagination, attention to detail, and passion for bringing authentic, true-to-form brands to life has resulted in one of the most unique and thoughtful residential brands a Holland community has seen in years.”
Jeff Chenoweth,
Former Brand Manager of Holland Partner Group
We designed a series of branded stamps and seals inspired by the bronze plaques on Ballard’s historic buildings.
The delivery of the brand identity included a history booklet documenting the story behind the building name for new hires and residents.

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