Vets deserve joy

More than three-quarters of the Belief team has pets, and yet working with Shepherd still revealed one key pet-fact we didn’t know: Today’s veterinarians are burning out at an astonishing rate due to unsustainable workloads and expectations.

The team at Shepherd (a group of vets and vet techs who decided to take on the tech industry) developed a cloud-based practice management software that helps simplify running a veterinary practice. Through the Belief Process, we helped the Shepherd team uncover their belief—that vets deserve joy—and from that foundation developed a new brand system, website, product value story, and campaign.
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The existing Shepherd brand was clean and clear, but once the emphasis on “joy” emerged, it suddenly felt too corporate—as if it were lacking those joyful elements.

We reimagined the brand’s visual identity, focusing on elements that represent joy. The most immediate difference is seen in the colors: bright colors like yellow, green, and accents of bold pink inject fun and life into the brand.

The illustration and photography styles focus on isolating elements that represent joy (like a wagging tail or bouncing ball of yarn) and depicting the connection between humans and animals.
“How Belief Agency works is uncanny. They take a statement and articulate that into spectacular design. There’s never ego, just excellence, patience, and expertise.”
Michael Erving | Content Strategist, Shepherd
We expanded the illustration style and developed a suite of icons that give joyful, animal-like characteristics to inanimate objects.
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A digital campaign contextualized the core messaging and brand value story for Shepherd’s three primary audiences.

“With Belief Agency, it’s all about truth: finding what makes your company tick and how that resonates inside and outside of the organization. The Belief Process is emotional archaeology. Simple, profound questions scrape and brush off the superfluous, exposing the elusive ‘why.’”
Michael Erving | Content Strategist, Shepherd
Through our ongoing partnership with Shepherd, we continue exploring ways to bring joy to an industry in desperate need of some paws-itive energy.

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