Without story, your product is just a commodity

A corporate narrative is the true story of who you are, what you do, why you do it, and who you do it for. This story must unite the past, present, and future, so your team can rally around it to solve problems and achieve your vision.

Your true story is your differentiation in the market—and the strength of your margins is driven by the strength of your story. Because a shoe is just a shoe…until it’s a Nike. A watch is just a watch…until it’s a Rolex. True stories transform commodities into beloved brands.
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tell your true
Uncover your true story
The Corporate Narrative unearths your organization’s history, aligns your team, and attracts customers who share your values.

Good marketing strategy gets you where you want to go

From Fortune 500s to family-owned businesses, companies of all sizes have found results-proven success through the marketing playbook process.
how it works
The Corporate Narrative empowers your organization to: 

Uncover your true story through research and interviews with core leaders and culture makers

Contextualize your true story for your audience so you can communicate your message clearly and compellingly to the right people, in the right place, at the right time 

Invite participation so your team knows and can share your story with confidence

The process

true stories
Step 01
Belief Session
Half-day Core messaging workshop
  • Executive summary including belief, purpose, values, and brand manifesto
Step 02
Story workshop
Story structure training
  • Three-hour storytelling principles session with Belief Agency’s Chief Storyteller Brian McDonald
Step 03
Strategy session
Half-day strategy workshop
  • Foundational strategy summary and hero profiles detailing audience personas
Step 04
Product, service, policy, and
procedure positioning interview
  • A high-level written overview of core products, services, policies, and procedures
Step 05
Value prop interview
  • A high-level written overview of primary value props

    Brand Value Story detailing value props through the lens of belief
Step 06
Founder origin interview
  • A high-level written summary of your organization’s founding
Is your organization a candidate?
The corporate narrative is valuable to any organization, large or small, that hasn’t created a clear connection between their story and their product or service. But there are a few scenarios where a corporate narrative can make a company an especially great candidate:  
Established organizations that have lost their way and  
  need help “finding the magic” again
New organizations that need help putting the pieces 
  together and aligning their team  
Organizations moving in a different direction that need 
  help connecting their past and future
Why Belief Agency
At Belief, our work and teaching are rooted in telling true stories—and every member of our team is trained in the art of storytelling. We don’t just help clients like Pixar, Ford, Sony, and Microsoft uncover their stories, we train them to become world-class storytellers themselves—so in the future, they won’t even need us to tell their story.

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