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Uncover your brand’s unique core message and create an all-up marketing plan in fewer than 30 days—it’s simple with our proprietary process.
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Effective marketing starts with a plan

Using an intensive four-phased approach, we uncover your story, tell it in an authentic way, then create a simple, actionable plan to roll it out to the right audiences.
Uncover your message
    Core messaging workshop
    Half-day intensive, interactive workshop with your core team led by our creative directors.

What you’ll get:

    Core brand belief, purpose, and values; brand manifesto
    Brand/corporate narrative training
    In-depth lesson in story structure and the key principles of storytelling with Brian McDonald, our chief storyteller and author of Invisible Ink.

    What you’ll get:

    Tools to apply story structure to your brand’s communications
    Understand your audience
      Strategy session
      Three-hour workshop where we’ll identify your core customers, their obstacles, and how you can solve them with clear marketing. 

      What you’ll get:

      Detailed customer profiles for your three core customers
      Digital audit
      Deep dive into your brand’s ad and website performance and competitor analysis to get a crystal clear view of how your brand is performing and where it can improve.

      What you’ll get:
      Detailed digital stats and strategy recommendations
      Brand audit
      An all-encompassing audit of your brand’s visual language with our design team to identify where you can align your brand’s visual presence with your core belief.

      What you’ll get:
      Detailed design recommendations across all touchpoints
      Align your team
        Marketing strategy
        The integral piece of your marketing playbook; we’ll present marketing funnels that speak to each of your core customers, identifying what to communicate, where, and how.

        What you’ll get:
        Clearly defined marketing funnels for your core customers
        Campaign concepts
        Based on your marketing strategy, we’ll create conceptual design and copy to bring your story to life.

        What you’ll get:
        Strategy-driven design and copy concepts
        Reach your goals
          Quarterly marketing map
          A four-quarter plan to execute the strategy presented in the marketing playbook, prioritized based on your business’s unique goals.

          What you’ll get:
          Actionable four-quarter marketing plan

          Good marketing strategy gets you where you want to go

          From Fortune 500s to family-owned businesses, companies of all sizes have found results-proven success through the marketing playbook process.

          Take a peek inside the marketing playbook

          The tools you need to market your business in one digital file. Explore the example below to see what you’ll walk away with at the end of our engagement.
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          Meet your team

          Speak with one of our consultants.
          Hannah Gilman
          Creative Director
          A trained journalist and graphic designer, Hannah worked in the magazine industry for titles such as Better Homes and Gardens, Teen Vogue, and Billboard, before segueing into content marketing at the University of Washington. Since joining Belief Agency, Hannah has helped organizations tell true stories through consulting, writing, and directing.
          Jonathan Dunn
          CEO, Partner & Creative Director
          Jonathan cut his teeth in the music industry as the director of A&R and managing director for three record labels. Since moving out of music, Jonathan has marketed some of the largest brands like Amazon, Microsoft, and Starbucks. As a partner and creative director at Belief Agency, Jonathan’s award-winning work has earned him a reputation.
          Heather Croteau
          Partner & Creative Director
          As creative director, Heather is responsible for working with a team of writers, designers, and filmmakers to develop creative solutions that solve her client’s problems, from concept to execution. Those clients have included industry-leading organizations such as UnitedHealth Group, Starbucks, Microsoft, Amazon, and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

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