Lifelong relationships are the 
foundation of mutual success

When PeoplePath came to us, they weren’t PeoplePath quite yet—they were two companies: Conenza and IntraWorlds. One based in the States, the other in Germany, the talent relationship management tech platform needed help finding the true core belief shared by both companies as they embarked on a merger, and a new name and brand identity to cement it. Together, we landed on PeoplePath—a nod to their work in connecting people to organizations, organizations to people, and people to people (the lifelong relationships part of their belief) and the career paths that can be traveled in both directions (mutual success).
Scope of Services
brand identity
belief session

Our icon uses rippling dots to mirror the waves of fabric—a metaphor for tight-knit connection used by the PeoplePath team. A subtle “P” is denoted with larger dots.

“When Conenza and IntraWorlds merged, we needed an agency that could help our two companies with different cultures and value systems find common ground as well as understand what differentiated us as a combined organization. Through their unique process, we “uncovered” our new name, belief statement, purpose, and values. We’re super excited about the launch of our new brand. To say Belief Agency exceeded expectations is an understatement: they crushed it!”
Our wordmark and type system strike a balance between professional and playful as a representation of PeoplePath’s personality and place in the tech space. The color followed suit to infuse even more life into PeoplePath’s lively name and spirit.
“Belief Agency helped us 
find common ground and understand our differentiation.”
The delivery of the brand identity included a brand book with collateral examples to show their team how to continue to flesh out the system in-house.
PeoplePath’s new name, belief, and brand identity was unveiled with a short animation.

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