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When Keap thinks “entrepreneur,” they think “big grit”—and for good reason. The sales and marketing automation giant has a bevy of business owners whose success stories have been anything but simple. Our job? To capture those stories and supporting product-related content as part of a larger campaign geared toward helping current and potential Keap customers see how Keap can help grow their businesses, too. Filmed entirely remotely in 2020 and 2021 with a custom remote interrotron, we told the tales of some of Keap’s super users who, against all odds, turned the trials and tribulations of running a business into triumphs.
Scope of Services
Monica Kline
Founder and President, IDentity Brand
“I had a good cry after we were done. Very cleansing! Thank you so much for this opportunity to share my story. It means more than you know!”
Monica Kline
Justin Wise

Co-Founder, The Different Company
“When our team decided to launch the ‘Big Grit’ campaign, we knew we needed an agency with expertise, talent, and determination. We were ecstatic at the process Belief Agency implemented to ensure we were reaching the masses with compelling stories.”
Natasha Davis
Founder and CEO, Brand Impact Consulting
Jaspreet Singh
CEO, Minority Mindset
“Because of the amazing work Belief Agency provided, our brand search increased by 16% quarter-over-quarter; as a result of its immense success, we launched a second season in 2021.”
Valerie Aprahamian
Founder, Advocates For Angels
Nate Shaw
Co-Founder, Brooklyn Music Factory

Our process

Getting to the core of a good story—and then doing that story justice—is what we’re known for. Fortunately, Keap had no shortage of incredible, gritty entrepreneurs with tales of trials, tribulations, and triumphs just waiting to be told.

We started with pre-interviews over Zoom to understand each of these tales and how Keap played a role in helping them overcome their obstacles to reach the success they’ve found today. Pre-interviews in hand, we identified the survival information in every story: what is the biggest lesson they’ve learned from their experiences that they want to share with others? That survival information (what we often call the “armature) became the crux of each story, while the rest of the details—the good, the bad, and the ugly‚ fell into place to support it.

The filmed interviews, which you see here, were completed entirely remotely with a custom remote interretron that was shipped out to each subject and controlled from our Seattle office. The interretron was rigged with state-of-the-art equipment including a RED camera for an end result undistinguishable from filming on-site.
Our proprietary rig comes packed with studio-quality sound and video equipment to allow for full-fledged documentary-style interviews, operated by our technicians in our Seattle headquarters.
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