More than 80 successful Amazon projects

Founded in 2012, Belief Agency is a full-service creative agency and story consultancy that believes good marketing is telling the truth. As an Amazon-approved vendor since 2015, we’ve worked on more than 80 projects for Amazon teams, including Creative Services, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Prime, Prime Students, Deals, Amazon Marketplace, Delivery Experiences, Amazon Business, Amazon Mobile Growth, Middle Mile, Amazon Freight Partners, Amazon Marketplace, and Amazon Publishing.

Our work with Amazon has been recognized with eight awards, including accolades for animation, branded content, and digital publication.
Scope of Services
Explainer videos
Documentary videos
web design
landing pages
messaging framework
All Hands Presentations
Live Action videos
Social Content
Previous Amazon work
Dash button campaign | Amazon Dash
Author portal commercial | Amazon Publishing
As a full-service creative agency and story consultancy, we’re one team with a broad range of competencies. From concept to execution, designers, copywriters, digital marketers, filmmakers, and strategists work side-by-side to tell your true story.

Key services

The Belief Process
The Belief Process
Sometimes you know exactly what you need; other times you have no idea where to start. The Belief Process is a personalized consulting intensive that gives you the confidence and clarity to transform your business.
The Belief Process
The Belief Session and strategic consulting
Core messaging is the foundation of everything we do—because you have to know what to say before you can begin to figure out how (and where) to say it.
The Belief Process
Content development
There’s more to content than pithy taglines and error-free copy—it has to mean something. Our team uses storytelling principles to develop content that converts.
The Belief Process
Brand identity and design
A brand is a feeling. From your logo to your colors to your typefaces, we ensure your visual identity is a true reflection of who you are, what you believe, and how you make people feel.
The Belief Process
Video production and animation
Video is the medium of today and tomorrow. From branded documentaries to explainer animations, video captures the spirit of your organization and effectively conveys information that inspires.
The Belief Process
Web development and digital marketing
It’s one thing to make great content—but it’s another to make sure people (the right people) see it. Interactive products and services, digital assets, and SEO optimization make the most of your marketing efforts.
The Belief Process
It's difficult to construct a clear, effective story (for a brand, script, marketing campaign, or otherwise) without understanding how storytelling works. Our chief storyteller Brian McDonald hosts interactive workshops that teach the principles of storytelling—and how to apply them to your work.
The Belief Process
Corporate narrative
A corporate narrative is the true story of who you are, what you do, why you do it, and who you do it for. It unites your past, present, and future—creating a shared story that your team can rally around and use to solve problems and achieve your vision.
Amazon | Prime Student |Amazon Game Day
Back-to-school campaign | Prime Student
Back-to-school social animations | Prime Student
Free shipping commercial | Amazon Prime
Harry Potter animated e-book case study | Amazon Kindle
Live action. Animation. Documentary. Whatever medium your story requires, our full-time in-house production team is equipped to bring it to life—whether it’s in the field, in the studio, or at our Ballard sound stage.
Amazon Biz Explainer

Your brand, website, content, and digital marketing should tell a story. We can help.

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