You Are a Storyteller

In this conversational podcast, we explore the history, importance, and structure of stories—and why we tell them.
Why Simplicity Leads to Better Storytelling
Why Experienced Storytellers Tell Stories That Serve Others
Outer Boundaries
What Is a Story? (And Why Do We Tell Them?)
Denying the Ego
Good Stories Last Forever

Meet your hosts

Jesse Bryan
Executive Creative Director, CEO
As CEO, Jesse leads the Belief Agency team in telling true stories about brands big and small—from Fortune 500 companies to 100-year-old family businesses. With a background in filmmaking and art direction, Jesse is driven by telling stories that move people to action.
Brian McDonald
Partner, Chief Storyteller
Brian is an award-winning screenwriter, director, and producer who has worked in film, television, and comic books for more than 30 years. He has taught the fundamentals of storytelling at Disney, Pixar, Microsoft, and HBO.

“There are only a few scholars who seem to truly understand the vital function of storytelling in society and culture. Among them, none can communicate and apply it as clearly as Brian McDonald.”

Chris Oatley | arts educator 

Masters of the Craft

This interview series from You Are a Storyteller tells the stories of—and shares advice from—some of today's greatest storytellers.
Glen Keane on the Value of Childlike Discovery
Kira Lehtomaki on Using Fear to Tell Better Stories
Carl Gottlieb on Crafting Scripts That Come Alive
Charles Johnson on “Digging Deep” Into Your Craft
Derek DelGaudio on Sharing Humanity Through Story
Paul Feig on Directing with Authenticity